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2 Wild Geese opened their doors in November 2018 when they realised that there was a need in Galway to provide a premises where local designers and crafts people would have a route to market, be it through the traditional retail or by shelf-to-rent premise. Following a meeting with some Galway designers and discussing the difficulties finding a route to market and the lack of opportunities to get their crafts and designs into stores, they decided to open a store that would cater on a shelf to rent or traditional retail basis.


The concept for 2 Wild Geese began 3 years ago when they were in Dingle working on a project, they were amazed at the number of local design shops. On their return to Galway were struck by the limited number of shops showcasing local Galway designers, particularly as it is renowned worldwide for being one of the largest cities along the Wild Atlantic Way and the European Capital of Culture for 2020.

During the summer of 2018 they decided to get out of the hospitality consultancy altogether and made the decision to work solely on finding a suitable space in Galway to set up shop. The concept was warmly received, and the fit out began in early November. They were over whelmed with the level of interest from local designers and crafts people. In order to hold true to the concept and have a shop which contained a diverse range of goods, they put an application process in place

Become a Stockist

We currently have over 85 stockists at 2 Wild Geese and all of our products are designed in Ireland and made in Ireland.  When we first opened, the majority of our designers were from Galway City and County but in the last year we have expanded our hub and now have stockists from all over Ireland. If you’re interested in becoming a stockist, you can apply for space by following the link below…

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