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Designers - Giftware

Designers - Giftware

Aidan Coughlan
Amilie Designs
Andrea Mears
Art by Patsy
Badly Made Books
Carol Kelly
Celtic Symbols
Dale Copeland
Damian Duggan
Dobo Ceramics
Elaine Quinlan
Elena Dova
Emma Larkin
Geraldine Kilmartin
Glen Gibson
Glenna Berry
Helen Griifan
Iasc Designs
Irish Socksciety
Jonathon Murphy
Juliet Ball
Ken Bolger
Leo Quinlan
Lynn Kenny Design
Morgana Emerald
Paula Marchan
Peter Skelton
Roisin Cure
Roisin Stack
Rowen Beg Designs
Sam Agus Nessa
Seamus Connor
Shane O’Malley
Stacey Nolan
Thin Line
Turnstone Ceramics
Wearable Art

Become a Stockist

We currently have over 60 stockists at 2 Wild Geese and all of our products are designed in Ireland and made in Ireland.  When we first opened, the majority of our designers were from Galway City and County but in the last year we have expanded our hub and now have stockists from all over Ireland. If you’re interested in becoming a stockist, you can apply for space by following the link below…

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