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Wood Life

From humble beginnings as nature enthusiasts to crafting unique wooden products, the enviorment in our opinion is the most beautiful and important thing the world has to offer. With more than 8 million animal species and nearly half a million plant species spread out across the globe, there is much more going on in our planet than meets the eye. Our goal is to bring awareness to current changes and show people that we can adapt in order to conserve the beauty of our delicate nature.

Being sustainable is the essence of everything we do. After seeing how much the world has changed and still needs to change, we decided to dedicate ourselves to offer products that will revolutionize the way people see the world. Now more than ever, the world needs more options of sustainable products. This is why we believe in going back to our roots and taking a different approach to what nature has to offer. This belief also led us to partner up with NGO`s by donating with every purchase that we make in order to contribute to the restoration of our precious planet. We hope to raise awareness of the challenges we face and to show people that it is possible to change our traditional habits. Being surrounded by nature Ireland is the source of our inspiration, where we assemble and craft our products to ship to the rest of the world.

Fashion has changed so much throughout the years and now we are seeing the new wave of countries worldwide banning plastic in an attempt to cut down on the waste that suffocates our planet. We started on this journey by sourcing materials from socially responsible businesses with ethical manufacturing practices and sustainable farmed wood. Our mission is to provide eco-friendly & high quality accessories that will help the world transition to a more sustainable future. Today we can proudly craft from 100% organic & sustainably farmed wood, free from pesticides that harm the enviorment and animals, providing us with everything we need create a new way of fashion.


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