#352 Lounge Chair


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#352 Lounge Chair

# 352 is a new signature collection of complimentary furniture that embodies the vision of its creator Gerry Murray, “A World Without Waste”. At its core, it embraces the use of technology, to reduce waste, and to produce aesthetically simplistic designs, that belie the complex geometry required to make them. The provenance of the materials is an equally important element, and all materials are sourced using a handful of trusted suppliers. Because of the
fine craftsmanship, and quality of materials used, you are not just buying a piece of furniture, but a family heirloom sure to be treasured by future generations


To the untrained eye the #352 lounge chair appears to be a laminated form; but it is in fact fabricated using a complex method of block lamination.

The forms are meticulously manufactured entirely from beech due to its close and straight grain. The beech was ebonised to achieve a very deep black colour which gives a beautiful lustre, when it is lacquered.

The chair was upholstered using 100% pure new wool felt  ( the felt was stretched over the form using a technique very similar to hat making), which is both beautiful and sustainable, a quality sheepskin accompanies the piece.



Gerry Murray


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