Ciara O’Neill~Yellow Gold Leaf Coral Ring

Coral Resin with Yellow Gold Leaf detail.

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Yellow Gold Leaf Resin Ring

Coral Resin with Yellow Gold Leaf detail.

Size Large (Q)

Each piece is hand poured creating individual one off pieces of art. No two are alike. Due to the natural movement of resin as it cures each piece will have slight variations.

Ciara is an artist from Galway in the West of Ireland who specializes in contemporary resin art and jewellery. She has a degree in Interior Design and this is where she developed her eye for colour. Ciara recently lived in Australia for 8 years and has gotten a lot of her inspiration and vibrant colour schemes from that climate. Ciara dyes the resin with pigments when its still in liquid form and hand pours it on to the canvas or jewellery creating one off individual abstract pieces. Her Designs are inspired by the ocean and its many hidden secrets. Ciara’s jewellery and art will add a pop of colour to any outfit or room. All designed and hand made by Ciara in the West of Ireland.


Ciara O'Neill


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